Covid-19 Cartoons

This is a selection of my cartoons about the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

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covid-19 vaccine cartoon

A cartoon about the Covid-19 vaccine, featuring the saying "No one's safe until everyone's safe".

covid-19 cartoon, dogs

A cartoon about the number of people who are buying dogs during the coronavirius pandemic

covid-19 lockdown cartoon

A cartoon about the police enforcing Covid-19 lockdown rules

covid-19 pandemic cartoon alien landscape

The coronavirus turning the world into an alien landscape

covid-19 cartoon economy

The coronavirus as a mine threatening a ship (representing the economy)

covid-19 masks cartoon

Covid-19 facemasks

covid-19 cartoon balloons

The Covid-19 virus as a balloon, dragging a person along with it

covid-19 vaccine cartoon economy

Vaccines attacking the coronavirus

covid-19 new year cartoon

New Year 2021, with the year 2020 banished forever

covid-19 cartoon conspiracy theories

A pandemic of conspiracy theories about the coronavirus

covid-19 holiday cartoon
policing covid-19 cartoon
covid-19 facemask cartoon

Message on a facemask, drawn at the very beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic

covid-19 prediction cartoon

A cartoon drawn at New Year 2020, before I knew just how prophetic it was

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