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Consumerism Cartoons

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Cartoons about Consumerism


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Consumerism Cartoons

  • The Statue of Liberty as a metaphor for consumerism: cartoon

  • Why stopping over consuming is so difficult

  • Born into the consumer society

  • The world being devoured by the human race

  • Business exploiting global warming: cartoon

  • The unhealthy effect of over consumption

  • Shopaholic impulse buying

  • Graph showing the rise of consumerism, and the outcome

  • The illusion of choice in a consumer society: cartoon

  • Brand name logos are now more important than political campaign logos

  • Why the unicorn doesn't exist (any more)

  • The earth's history is written in the rock strata

  • World hunger and comfort food

  • The earth treated as though it were junk food: cartoon

  • Some multinational corporations are more powerful than nations

  • Balloon debate: what to eject from a sinking world?

  • The west's denial of the manufacturing conditions in the developing world

  • The exploitation of labour in the developing world