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Cartoons About Fuel, Fuel Supplies and Power Supply

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Fuel, Fuel Supply and Power Supply Cartoons

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Cartoons About Fuel, Fuel Sources and Power Supply

  • Campaigners against wind turbines claim that they are unsightly eyesores

  • Wind powered electricity generation replacing coal fired power stations

  • Energy efficient lightbulbs

  • An electric-powered car being filled up with power

  • Vegetable oil used as biofuel as a substitute for petrol or diesel

  • The amount of land needed to grow biofuels renders them environmentally unsustainable

  • Biofuel, bio ethynol and bio diesel are not environmentally sustainable

  • The use of fossil fuels is implicated in flooding caused by climate change: cartoon

  • Just because a car uses unleaded petrol doesn't make it environmentally friendly

  • Unleaded petrol is not environmentally friendly: cartoon

  • China has a large carbon footprint because the west has so many of its consumer goods produced there

  • Sustainable energy generation in eco-housing