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Wildlife Cartoons

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Cartoons about Hunting and Trapping

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Wildlife Cartoons

Cartoons about Hunting and Trapping

  • Why some species become extinct

  • Hunting species to extinction

  • Seal trappers hunting seals

  • Hunters hunting species to extinction

  • The fur trade: fur coat

  • Why the mammoth became extinct

  • Ivory trade: an elephant never forgets

  • Hunter and animal trap

  • The panda: a protected species

  • Nautical and Maritime Wildlife Cartoons and Fish Cartoons

  • Animal by-products in cosmetics

  • Hermit crabs adapt to the twenty first century

  • The most aggressive creature on earth

  • Dolphins: an idealised species

  • Overfishing puts fish species on the endangered list

  • Other Wildlife Cartoons

  • Indigenous island species driven to extinction by human colonisers

  • Agricultural chemicals drive vultures towards extinction

  • Human activity threatens other species

  • Use of cute furry animals in environmental campaigns

  • The endangered species list, and how to get off it

  • An unusual animal sanctuary

  • Road kill: wildlife identification book

  • Animal welfare campaign T-shirt

  • Animal rights protesters